Thursday, 29 March 2012

I Wanted A Dog (All My Life)

And now I have one.

Dasco discovers his new home (and bed)
And a beauty at that. He's called Dasco, and he was still there at the SPA when we got there, and he left with us.

What can I tell you? So much information and happenings in such a short space of time, it's difficult to know where to start. We went looking for an animal shop for some stuff for him. We got a mat thing, and a raised food bowl thing, and a chewy fake bone thing, and some 'treat' things a bit like those bacon sticks some people eat I think, what are they called..?

He's a beauty, not just because I think he is, but because everyone seems to find him quite splendid. We were asked by three different people or groups of people what race he was, and we only went to one shop.

Most of my pics of this 'mover' are blurred right now!
Then again it was an animal shop with a huge dog section, so maybe I'm flattering him a little!

Anyway, although he's spent one night here now, and committed a scary crime and a real bêtise (naughty act, literally 'beastly' act) as the French say, I'll leave that for the next post, with pictures of the damage for you all to enjoy... Bête means both 'beast' and 'stupid', so go figure on what that means if you wish.

I've had all the usual advice about him needing to know who the boss is and all that, but one thing I do know is that I've gotta get up and running on this 'master' thing, and fast. More on that later too.

Dasco eats (finally)
We were pretty worried around midnight (with a small child sleeping) when Dasco decided to start jumping up to the door presumably trying to get out. In the end I got out of bed and we went for a relatively long walk and finally when we got back he settled down. Phew! This is all so new to me, I'm playing it all by ear. Any advice any of you good people and wolf dog lovers out there who want to interact here on this blog and share your ideas and comments would be MORE than welcome!

Take care, and more of Dasco's adventures (and bêtises) tomorrow.


  1. He was probably looking for a dirty bowl on the floor that belonged to him because he didn't want to get in trouble for eating out of the bowl that obviously belonged to a posh spoiled dog, not a reject homeless one like him. Used pets are the best pets. My cat was two when I got her and she has already forgiven me for putting her in a cage and flying here in the belly of a plane all the way from California.

  2. You're guess is better than mine, as I know nothing at all about all this. Parallel universes, indeed! ;~Sab