Friday, 30 March 2012

The Photo Album Starts...

...And Bloody Awful It Is Too

I'm sure you agree. This is me trying to take a pic with a wobbly iPhone 3GS at arms length, unable to see what the picture will look like, if we are even in the picture, or where the virtual button to press is. Ain't yesterday's technology quaint? The first pic's the only one that's even vaguely look-at-able, and even then it's stretching it.

I took him to my kiddy's crèche this morning to accompany us and the kids were suitably impressed. I was nervous about leaving him outside, thinking someone would steal him, but I'm probably forgetting that a lot of people are pretty nervous of dogs and he's not small, but not huge either. He's great.

There's this immense feeling of pride and calm I get from walking around with him which I've never felt before. This isn't to denigrate or belittle human kids or anything; the joy you get from them goes without saying. But this is something different. It's in the relationship you have with them I think. This unspoken, totally physical and ritualistic interplay of events and happenings. It's strange, and I like it. I knew I would. Hopefully it'll bring the stability to my life I've been looking for in order to be as productive as I know I can be.

Sorry, I didn't mean this to get all heavy and personal or anything, but while I wouldn't go discussing my kids on an open forum, I feel reasonably comfortable discussing my feelings in the context of this new situation in my life. It's so inédit, as the French would say (I'm afraid, after 20 years here, I'm losing my English - I had to check Google Translate to find 'novel'...). This isn't good for a so-called English language professional. Never mind.

So as you can see, my one-handed, extended arm photo-taking skills leave something to be desired. Half a dog's head and a man's chin - great picture! Thought I'd put them here for  posterity anyway. Some day I'll look back and smile, I hope.

The one where he's looking up at me is cute, and I'm slow starting to see some signs of recognition and even, dare I say it, affection. He seems to be running away from me less too. With his fleeing wolvey instincts it was pretty tricky to grab him at the beginning but his trust seems to be improving, which is great.

Today I'm getting one of those fancy-fangled extending lead things so he can get a bit further away from me, and maybe do some stick chasing or something. So many people at the refuge said that a chien-loup tcheque (Czechoslovakian wolf dog) isn't like other dogs, I'm somehow expecting him not to want to fetch or sit or cuddle or do anything like other dogs, but I'm finding out that that was an exaggeration. Heck, in the end, what do I know? Response: nothing. Everything is new to me, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

What's even better, for someone who spends hours every day tap-tap-tapping away like I am now, he seems pretty content just to lie around when he's not out for a walk, as a kind of silent companion. So cool!

I've just bought this on-line training course for dogs, so I'll be reporting back on that shortly. Don't worry (or, alternatively, worry), I'm not going to run out of excuses for posting any time soon! Woof woof for now.

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