Thursday, 29 March 2012

What Dasco Did Next...

...And It Wasn't Pretty

OK, so I guess the poor guy was hungry, but still! I'd just taken the sprog to the crèche which must have taken about 15 minutes and when I got home two big surprises were awaiting me.

The first one was the rustling in the garden. Pretty normal for a house with a dog, you might think.

Only that I'd left him LOCKED in the house. Hmm.

Second surprise. The kitchen. Or what was left of it. Check out the pics below for details. All the fun of the fair. I have now learnt something. Another thing, apart from the scary security issue mentioned above, which has rapidly been fixed!!! Don't leave a dog alone in a place with food smelling of.. food when you go out and he's hungry.

This is basic stuff, and I'm probably teaching some of you grannies out there to suck eggs, but that isn't my intention. This an educational dog raising blog by any stretch of the imagination. You can probably judge from the above paragraphs just how disqualified I would be for pretending to offer anything along those lines ;~S


No, this is simply and humbly as the title to this post suggests: a series of illustrated articles on what life as and with this big beautiful dog with a penchant for a big beautiful city such as Paris is like. I hope you enjoy it.

The kitchen was a glorious mess, and I have to admit I was trying hard not to say what the hell have we done to myself, letting this vandal into our home...

Then again, I hadn't given him breakfast and just left, maybe for the whole day as far as he knew. The biggest problem is that we don't know what his previous habits were.

Here's another thing. We're his fifth family in three years. He's only three and a third and just hasn't been able to find a family or owner who can stick with him. And the saddest thing is, it's never been his fault.

Either his master got to much work on his plate, or another master's GF didn't like animals, or was alergic to them or something, and I don't know about the rest. It breaks your heart.

Wow, that refuge, I can tell you, if our place isn't better than there then I don't know what we can do. It's no doubt a great refuge, the SPA there at Chamarande, but a couple of hundred baying brutes of all sorts and sizes... well, you can imagine; not nice.

I'll take a final pic for you of what he's doing right now, instead of being stressed out at that awfully sad place, and hopefully you'll agree with me that things have taken a turn for the better for Dasco.

Until the next time, over and flat out  ;~S


  1. Dogs are scavengers and love to eat (mine included), so I am not surprised this happened. My day starts with my being woken by my dog- walking her with a coat over my PJ's and then feeding her immediately when we get back. he looks like a handsome boy- good luck with him!

    1. Thanks a lot for that Sandra - every comment and little piece of advice or shared experiences helps :-D