Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making Himself At Home

Feet up, kickin' back...

This guy sure knows how to make himself at home, I tell ya!

Feet in the air, flat out on his back on the sofa - you'd really think he owned the place.

Had an incident yesterday though. You live and learn.

I decided to put him on a 10-metre lead to see if he couldn't get a bit more exercise. I'm not letting him off completely yet as it's only been a couple of weeks.

So anyway, I started to run along with him... and so did he. Only he had 10 metres to pick up speed, and a tearaway wolfdog is a sight to behold. He must have been at about 30mph by the time he ran out of slack.

Now I've dislocated my shoulder five times and can't say it's much fun. So when I saw what was happening my heart dropped into my stomach. He succeeded in pulling me off my feet and onto the ground where I did a bit of a turn to save my shoulder, thank goodness.

It also appears he can fly. The second time we left him alone he opened the upstairs window and jumped out.

And the third time I left him in a locked cage in the living room. And for the third time found him in the garden when I got back. Seems there was a weak joint in the cage and he finally forced his way out and opened the non-shuttered doors from the inside as usual. Boy-oh-boy.

The next tactic is simply to leave him in the garden when we go out. Do you think he'll now want to force his way into the house instead?

He's discovered that the neighbours have a cat, and I can't say they have the calmest relationship. Hissing and barking mainly. Through a fence. All very petty.

So that's the arm incident, the cat incident and the flying incident. What else is there. Oh yes, he seems to have a penchant for rolling in other dogs' faeces. Is this normal doctor? I had to hose him down the first, and I hope the last, time, but he tried it again yesterday before I caught on. He has got German shepherd in him though, so maybe that's it.

Now I'm settling in to our two or three times a day walks and he spends quite a few hours quite happily next to me as I work on the computer so in that respect he's the perfect dog really.

There is the fence though. He's destroying it little by little. And I discovered a couple of, let's say... huge holes in the flower border which I hastily filled in before certain parties returned from work. And the hairs. Everywhere hair. Amazing.

He is a-ma-zing. The coolest, most beautiful, softest dog I've ever known. Incredible to think we're his fifth family and that he's been through goodness knows what before us. I hope we make it all the way.

Now, I've bought this on-line course which called itself a wolfdog course but although I haven't started it yet, I reckon they've just automatically slotted 'wolfdog' into the document wherever required and that it's pretty much generic. I'm going to start it tomorrow, and I'll let you know. Any other wolf dog owners out there? It would be nice to hook up, even just virtually, to see whose dog's the craziest (and cuddliest). Mine, probably. Prove me wrong..!